Sure, when you’re looking for someone to hire you have plenty of options. I know, I used to hire people all of the time and took a lot for someone to stand out in the crowd. You know, like writing a blog post on why you should hire me. As I said, there are many reasons, here’s just a few.

1. I’m a full-stack developer with a diverse background

James looking cool

I now have a background in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails … you get the point. But, prior to learning all of that I worked for a startup that grew out of its startup phase while I was there. In addition to hiring I was involved with operations (like making sure the internet was working, which is harder than you might think), real estate (yea, I had to find us new office space), product management (I started our graphic design department and various features for clients), and client interaction (like, you know, getting on a plane to see a client in Minnesota in winter).

2. I take great selfies

Santa Hawaii Selfie

See that picture up there. That’s from Christmas day and I was in Hawii.

Ok, so it was my honeymoon, but still.

3. I’m REALLY motivated


Yea, that’s my house. I recently bought it and, since it’s about 120 years old, it needs A LOT of work. Want to know if I’m going to work hard and show up on time? I gotta make those mortgage payments!!

But seriously, I’m a hard worker and a quick study.

4. Calm under pressure

Bill O'Reilly and me

I work well under pressure. Want proof? I once appeared as a guest on the O’Reilly Factor (sans beard) and had Bill yell at me for about 7 minutes. But, I held my own and have the video to prove it.